Test & Tag t&C’s

Win A Morning Tea Shout

  • Offer valid for work completed in May 2019

  •  Minimum 20 items

  • Does not include any repairs

  • All appliances to be on one site

  • Does not include 3 phase items

  • Morning Tea Shout to maximum of $100.00

sensor Light t&C’s

  • Price of install is for single story dwelling in Cambridge, Te Awamutu or Hamilton area

  • House must have easily accessible roof space

  • There must be an existing switch to wire light to wiring and switchboard must be up to NZ/AUS regulations

  • If you are unsure we are more than happy to visit and provide you with a free quote.

Rental Property EXTRACTION and heating t&c’s

  • Single Storey homes only

  • Must have ceiling access

  • Does not include upgrades to board or wiring

  • Heater install does not include the powerpoint

  • Must be Waipa/Hamilton/wider area of Waikato please contact us to confirm

  • If you are unsure we can provide a no-obiligation free quote