Health & Safety


We take Health & Safety very seriously at BTG Electrical not only for our staff but also our customers.  

Policy & Procedures

We have a current Health & Policy and procedures manual.  Our daily Health & Safety information is documented and managed  through our online Job Management System "Fergus".  All hazards allocated to a job are mitigated by the team when on your site.

Service Vehicles

Service vehicles are safety checked and serviced by Keytes Automotive a local Cambridge Business.  Every service vehicle is also fitted with a Fire Extinguisher in case of emergency. 


We know that being a residential customer there are risks and hazards that we could face when we come to your home.  We also do not want to cause harm to you, your family and pets or property.  For that reason we provide to you our own Residential Health & Safety Electrical Guide for you to review prior to us coming to provide electrical services.  While at your home we will also perform a basic risk assessment when we arrive so if we ask you questions please do not take offence as we are required to ensure we are covering all we need to.

Download your Residential Health & Safety electrical Guide



A commercial business site has many different risks that could cause harm if not identified and managed.  Hence for our commercial customers we have our Commercial Health & Safety Electrical Guide.  As we work with our commercial customers on a regular basis we will be able to store site specific information in our files but we will always also perform a site assessment each time we come to perform electrical services.

Download your Commercial Health & Safety Electrical Guide


With our industrial clients we may work on a shared site for longer periods such as wiring a new built house.  We like to work closely with other trades to ensure we are aware of all of their risks and they ours.

We will perform a preliminary assessment with the site owner or main site contractor in advance of the work starting and then on arriving to the work site a full Risk Assessment will be completed and a copy kept in the "Site Folder" that is used for all trades staff.  

We have standard health & safety controls that we perform for all industrial sites.

Download our Industrial Health & Safety Electrical Guide